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Customer Testimonials

Dear Mr. Fadia,

I recently ordered material from Homestead Schools and although the invoice was correct the material was not what I ordered. I called and spoke with a customer service representative named Vanessa. Vanessa's response deserves acknowledgment.

At first the news was discouraging: the computer was down. Vanessa took my information, and gave me her extension number, and said she would call me as soon as the system was up again.

The next day the system was up, and she called me. She intelligently gathered the needed information in a timely manner, explained she had to check if the correct material was readily available,and again gave her extension number.

In less than thirty minutes Vanessa called saying the material was available, and gave clear explanations about everything concerning the exchange of materials including that Homestead would pay the return postage and provide a label. I received the material quickly, as promised, within two days.

I also had additional questions about the On-line Exam, and her instructions were comprehensible. Vanessa also invited me to call her if I had problems using the systems, and said she would walk me through it.

Vanessa was professional, efficient, and also established the sense of a personal as well as a professional relationship with Homestead Schools. If Homestead provides this training for employees, then thank you very much. If Vanessa is an exception then thank you for having her on staff, and perhaps she should be prompted to train others to her standard of excellence. A contact person truly represents the firm. An employee like Vanessa encourages me to be a return customer. There have been other representatives of other businesses (of all types) that have loist my business altogether, or will not get any return business from me because of the contact person.

The Service you provide is deeply appreciated as well as the excellent educational materials.

Best regards,
K.S, LCSW, Satisfied Customer.

To Christy and her Supervisor,

This email is to give you a big Thank you for being there, you really help me with my issue, when I was upset and believed I had been the victim of fraud. Thank to you and your help, I can now access my on line course. :-)

Thank you Christy for being a professional, and for caring enough to actively listen to me.

I called Homestead School when I could not access the on line course I had paid for and had a confirm # for. I though I would call the 800 # and explain my problem and get a little support.

What I got was an impatient, highly unprofessional, rude, loud, angry, uncaring, self centered, individual named Jackie who just about in my opinion, cursed me out, twice and who had absolutely no listening skills. After speaking with Jackie, I was afraid that I had come across a fraudulent company online and believed Homestead School was a fraud and felt they had stolen 39.99 from me. I actually thought Jackie was some angry owner of Homestead School (what employee would be allowed to speak to customers on the phone like that, in this tough ecomomy). I thought, I never want to do business with Homestead School and wanted to request a refund. I have been a nurse for almost 20 yrs and currently in a position of leadership and was convinced I should email my hundreds of nurse colleagues about the outlandish, mean spirited and completely unprofessional treatment I received from Homestead Schools.

I thought, I would call Homestead Schools, during the day to see if it was business as usual, when to my surprize I found Christy and all my problems and headaches faded away immediately! Christy took the time to listen and understand my concerns, she clarified the issues and got to work on reassuring me immediately that she could fix the problem. Christy also reassured me that Homestread School does not operate in an unprofessional manner, wants to make their customers happy and assured me the owners expect professionalism from their staff.

Christy thank you, you took genuine and sincere interest in my complaint and concerns, and I thank you. I am a totally happy camper now, I have everything I need to take my course and get my CEU's. (which is all I ever wanted to do anyway). Now, I will tell all my colleagues, Homestead Schools is alright, and if you have any problems, just call Christy, during the day and avoid calling after 5 pm.

Christy please forward this note on to your supervisor, as it is my hope that the Leadership Team at Homestead School, pull Jackie from the phones and engaging with consumers, until she can be reoreinted to her role, exercise consistent professional phone skill at all times, and undergo serious professional rehabilitation with a corrective action plan in place.

Christy many thanks again for your help and support.

All my best,

Gail Ferguson, RN, BNS
Clinical Nursing Supervisor


I've read your email and looked into the treatment you received from Jackie which we do not allow under any circumstances. I'll personally take this matter up with her and make sure that she understands her role at this business. I'm pleased to know that Christy was able to take care of your needs in a professional manner.

Feel free to communicate to her or even me in the future if there's anything we can do for you. I'd like to ask your permission to see if we can put your letter on our website since it shows our weakness and strength and projects a true picture of our business.

Vijay Fadia
Homestead Schools, Inc.

Hello Vijay,

Thank you for your interest and your email.

Yes, please feel free to use my letter on your website. I am so delighted with you, and your committment to outstanding customer service and to properly training staff. This reflects highly on your integrity and on my perceptions of the company.

Staff can make an error, but what makes the difference, is when the Leader of the organization has high professional standards, is not willing to accept anything but the best and stands up for what is right.

Vijay, I am impressed by your immediate attention, as well as your professional, proactive and highly engaged approach. To your credit, I am a happy customer and have started looking for other courses of interest on the Homestead School website to take for CEUs. Vijay, many thanks to you and your team for being there for me and quickly resolving my issue. I will happily refer all my nursing colleagues to Homestead Schools for their CEU's!.

All my best,

G.F., RN, BSN.
Clinicial Nursing Supervisor

I would like to compliment Jennifer Dayrit on her patience and professionalism in helping me with a problematic situation. After several technical issues which became frustrating to me, she was able to continually find alternatives to rectify the situation and was expedient in getting information to me that was time-sensitive. At no point in the process did she ever sound frustrated or irritated and I am grateful for her demeanor which helped me move through the difficulties with far less anxiety than what could have happened.
Sincerely, J.J., LPC, NC.

You did a terrific job on presenting the material. Very educating."
"Excellent! It will help me both professionally and personally. Thank you."
"I had the choice to study when the time was good for me."
"I'll definitely use Homestead Schools for all my future CE."
-all said on this envelope is true! You people are terrific! Thanks for all. Lilly

"Thank you Homestead Schools for your quick and reliable service!"
D. Carter

Dear Vijay,
With the holiday season over there is now time to catch up on things undone. I wish to say thank you.
I'm the person who sent a test answer sheet for nursing continuing education to the wrong address, yours, twice. Twice you mailed them back.
Thank you so very much for being the caring, understanding person that you are.
Because you were so considerate I did not lose those valuable points.
Thank you, Bless you!

"It's great to be able to take the test online. Fast service for obtaining CE certificates. Thanks!"

"Thank you for making the course user friendly as fast as fast receipt, the free option to do the test online, and additionally, your customer service over the phone was quite courteous. I appreciate this. Thank you.
P.H., R.N., B.S.N.

"I'm a first timer and I am very satisfied with the online courses. I was able to do it at any time, @ my leisure. I was real slow at first but I think I got the hang of it. I am very happy. Thank you for making it so user friendly."

"This is my first time taking an online course of my own choosing for credit toward relicensing. You have others that I am considering to improve my knowledge and skills. Thanks for a quality opportunity."

"I appreciate being able to take the course online as well as book. Your courses are usually comprehensive and well written. I have used Homestead for most of my CEU's over the past 15 years...=)
S.O., RN, CA & NV

"Your course program is a user-friendly route for those busy nurses, which I find it very helpful. Thank you very much."
G.A., RN, CA

"Thank you so much. I appreciate your good communication. I have passed on your website to other care managers in my office looking for on-line classes. I found your site to be one of the most user-friendly, with the clearest explanation of course offerings, costs and credits. I will be taking more courses in the upcoming certification period. Keep up the good work.

"I like the format of receiving the book, having the materials and test online and having the test in the book. I was able to use both media and appreciated the flexibility."

"Hello Vijay, I want to personally thank you for the excellent professional learning service you provide. Best of wishes, Jack"

"I am writing to thank you for resending my order for Texas Mandated CEUs on the subject of Hepatitis C. I never received my order for studying Hepatitis C. Your staff worked with me and yesterday I received my textbook and test. Your staff was very considerate and very professional. I commend those who work for you and who help those of us to continue out education in nursing and/or re-enter the nursing profession. I have taken many CEU courses from Homestead Schools and have kept every single textbook to refer to when needed. Your courses are up-to-date, well written and full of the dynamic changes occurring in nursing."

"Thank for your services. I have used your courses for several years now. You make it easy to take the courses, they are interesting and I feel that I learn the subjects well. Very satisfied."
M.B., RN, LA

"The board of nursing sent me some forms in the mail. I received it yesterday. They will allow me to take the NCLEX again. You know, that is good news for me. I will have a better chance after I finish the program. It is indeed a divine arrangement or intervention by God to have people like you and Mr. Ignacio. I will continue to put in time to study ahead of the class like I am doing now. Mrs. Merlyn is a good teacher. Thank you for the opportunity. I will not let you down. You will continue to hear and see my progress in Batch 7. Please extend my gratitude to Mr. Ignacio, Mrs. Merlyn, my teacher, and the rest of the teachers both in the classroom and in the clinical. Thank you for giving me the chance of a lifetime. God bless you and all the staff who are helping to make things happen. Please continue to keep me in your prayers."
B.A., a VN student

"I am simply going to write or send the board an email to let them know that I appreciate the opportunity they have given me and to let them know that I am in a program preparing me for the NCLEX and I hope to take the test when I finish the program since it will enable me to have a better chance of passing the test. They stated in the letter that I can take the test anytime I want and up to eight chances a year. All they want me to do is enroll and pay for the test and nothing more since they already have me in their system and they have all they needed from me on file. I will finish the program. By God's grace I will continue to do well. I am doing very well right now. I have not failed any class tests. I hope to continue to do better than my best. Please do not forget to express my appreciation to Mr. Ignocio. I deeply appreciate the opportunity. I am still attending the other class on Tuesdays, it will help me do even better. Thanks George, I am counting on your support and prayers, I have come a very long way to America. I cannot afford to fail. I will not quit, a quitter never wins. Thanks George."
B.A., a VN student

“This was the first time I used the Homestead course and was very pleased with the information it provided and sparing me the time to attend different classes for CEU's. Thanks."
R.G., El Paso, TX

The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook: "Great book! This book answered a lot of questions I've had throughout life, plus more information that helped me tremendously to understand about myself and how to deal with life issues. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends and family!"

Assertiveness: "Excellent book! I plan to reread certain chapters & start my own journal so that I can apply what I've learned in the areas needed in my life."
K.C., PT, CA

¨Today, I had the occasion to speak with Jill regarding a course I had taken and was nervously waiting the mail for my return certificate. Because of my poor planning I needed to get my result that day and she was so very helpful in making that happen. Thank you, Jill for your patience and professional attitude. I will tell others of Homestead Schools, Inc”
Terry S., Redding, CA

¨Thank you for being there. It is not always possible for me to travel to the city for seminars and/or workshops to earn my ceu's."
W.S., Palestine, TX

“Dear Sir: I want you to know you have some exceptional employees, Michele and Toni. They were both very calm, and had a patient manner. They were a great help to me when my frustration was at an all-time high. Their knowledge of the software, classes and books your company provides, and Michele’s remarkable problem-solving abilities are rare indeed. If the quality of an office’s employees is an indication of future success, then Homestead Schools, Inc. has a very bright future.”
David M., Denver, NC

¨I have never done home study before, but I think this is an excellent way to earn my ceu's. This course was interesting, I will definitely consider your home study for future ceu's."
S.M., Los Angeles, CA

Chemical Dependency: "Thank you for providing a course that I could afford and still provide me with the CEUs I need for my license. I appreciated the extent of your material and found the information in the course text very valuable. Thank you so much! Without your help I would not have been able to achieve the CEUs I needed within the time frame I had.
S.R.H., Counselor, CA

¨The course has been very educational and the method of teaching is very convenient for me."
J.D., Norwalk, CA

¨This was an excellent course, full of useful material. Very informative. A delightful way to get the CEU's."
A.M., Windsor, CA

¨I have never given any home study course an excellent rating until now. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this course was to understand. Thank you!"
J.W., Plainview, TX

How to Strengthen the Immune System: "Course is very informative & the knowledge I obtained is beneficial to my life & to the care of my patients. I will recommend this book to my friends. Excellent course!"
M.M., RN, CA

¨Superb course on pain management. I look forward every two years to Homestead nursing courses. You're the best."
S.W., Oxnard, CA

¨This is the best Spanish for nurses course I've ever used (I've used several) - very good book - extremely thorough."
G.C., Petersburg, WV

Supervisory Skills: "This was an excellent course. I will be able to share the content with other individuals. It is also a benefit to me for my day to day operations."
B.Y., RN, CA

"I have been getting my CEU credit with your Homestead materials for many years. They have always been informative and interesting"
C.C., San Bernardino, CA

"I'm very pleased with all the support I received when I called for more info. The course and the exam were very user friendly."
M.B. Pittsburg, PA

Managing Pain Before It Manages You: "The organization of the test questions made it easy to follow along with the book and course content, which allowed for extremely efficient completion of the test questions. Bravo!"
Jackie, OR

"I appreciate your assistance here. You have lifted a tremendous burden from me!"

"Thank you. I have received my faxed CEU certificate. The whole process from start to finish has been great. Thanks again."
H.B., Beaverton, OR

Women's Health: "I really enjoyed this course. Good, concise information."
L.D., RN, CA

¨I ordered 'Internet for the Health Professional' #5015 on Feb 2, Sunday through the internet. I received it in the mail on Feb 6, Wed. Your processing staff did an excellent job of getting my order 'through the system.' You are in Torrance, CA and I am in Vista, CA so I didn't see the need to pay extra postage. I was expecting the course within 7 business days!! Your staff should be commended on their excellent customer service. Thank you"

"Regarding the course 'Cultural Competence', I thought the course was very comprehensive. I also enjoyed the readings which were very thorough."
K.W., Arizona

"I wanted to thank you! You were a pleasure to work with. The courses were wonderful! The process to order was simple! Thanks again."
S.C., FL

Self-Disclosure in Psychotherapy: "Excellent coverage of subject. Farber's text will remain a useful reference for years."
J.G., MFT, Calif.

Tooth Trauma: "Excellent content and slides. Very informative."
K.K., DDS; Calif.

"As always your courses are great! I've used Homestead for the past 8 years and am always satisfied with the materials. Thanks!!!"
M.M., Calif.

Suicide Across the Life Span- Implications for Counselors: "This book was extremely helpful and I'll save it as a great reference for this topic."
L.S., MFC, Calif.

Bedside Case Management: "Loved this course, very informative."

The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook: "Excellent resource! I gained a lot of insight into several areas. Thank you."
W.L., RN, MI

Breastfeeding Made Simple: "I learned a lot about the subject."

Medication Errors and How To Avoid Them: "Very informative and easy to learn."
Y.M., RN, CA

Anxiety: "I liked the book, very interesting!"
D.K., RN, CA

Psychiatric And Mental Health Care: "The entire course was very good. It has been helpful to me in both my practice and in my relationships."
S.F., RN, NM

Assertiveness: "Great text book!"
J.K.S., RN, CA

Managing Pain Before it Manages You: "Informative learning. Presents the latest issues and addresses pain from the holistic approach."
O.C., RN, TX

Digestive Diseases: "This was a great course! I really learned a lot!"
M.G., RN, FL

Domestic Violence: "Information very informative and useful to integrate into daily practice. The learning method is very conducive to the continuous education process.
O.C., RN, TX

Diabetes: "The course content was comprehensive and detailed, relevant to the subject."
N.W., RN, CA

Child Abuse: "Very informative information."
J.W., RN, CA

Substance Abuse: "This was very informative. I hope to be able to use this information at work and when I enter my masters program this spring."
N.T., RN, CA

Oral Complications of Cancer Therapies: "Just thought the objectives were to specific for the way the material was presented. The information was great, though."

Pain Management: "Provides new information related to research done on pain as well as new treatment methods. I was most impressed by the treatment techniques/protocols."
O.C., RN, TX

Substance Abuse: "I'm very satisfied. That's why I always use your schools for my CEU's."

Infection Control: "Excellent information, very knowledgeable."

Nature's Remedies: "Some areas were so interesting I would read them several times. Excellent health alternatives!"
P.T., RN, CA

Nature's Remedies: "I read the material over a few days. I liked the course in the book form -a great reference!
S.W., RN, MA

"It was very convenient to do this at my own pace at home, in a relaxed environment."
M.G., RN, TX

Nursing An Hispanic Patient: "Liked the layout of questions & the titles in the book with explanations."
J.J., RN, CA

Domestic Violence: "A pleasure to study when there was time."

Substance Abuse: "They were very fast. I received it quickly, no problems. It all worked out. Thank you!"

"I have used your courses before. I like how you guys send out the course info right away and send back the results and certificate at a reasonable time."
M.L., RN, CA

Sleeping Disorders: "I was quite impressed by this course. People in my life are affected by this disorder and I am now able to lead them into treatment that will help them or at least make suggestions."
D.B., RN, AK

Short-Term Couple Therapy: "This course material will be useful in my practice."

Pediatric Nursing: "I chose this course to help expand my knowledge in hopes of becoming a school nurse. Very informative and helpful."
K.M., RN, NV

Pediatric Nursing: "Good course. I needed a refreshment as I've been out of pediatric nursing for 20 years."
S.A., RN, TX

Panic Disorder: "For a 'home study' course, I found the information to be presented very clearly. This course will prove to be useful in dealing with patients with anxiety and panic disorders."
L.C., RN, CA

Nurse's Legal Handbook: "An excellent course."
P.J., RN, LA

Managing Difficult Patients: "Excellent! Each story was short with a message. I never got bored. Very educational!"
H.S., RN, CA

Medication Errors and How To Avoid Them: "This was set up to make learning easy & fun. I've been a nurse for 34 years and in my opinion this was a great learning tool."
J.W., RN, LA

"I have read the entire book, 'Ethical Decision Making in Social Work' and answered all fifty questions. This was an excellent book with thought provoking case studies."

Emergency Nursing: "I enjoyed working on this course - it provided a lot of valuable information and the textbook will be a great resource."
P.K., RN, LA

Digestive Diseases: "Very comprehensive & well explained."
Y.M., RN, CA

Documentation for Nurses: "Awesome to do this at home and at my own pace!"
M.M., RN, LA

Breastfeeding Made Simple: "Excellent text for breastfeeding professionals and mothers! I wish it had been around when I was a new mother!"
C.J., RN, CA

Bipolar Disorder: "Great! Very Informative!"

Anxiety: "This course material is adequate and info is up to date."
P.K., RN, CA

Self-Disclosure in Psychotherapy: "Really good! Helpful!"

Panic Disorder: "A really interesting monograph, very informative."
K.F., SW, CA

Legal and Ethical Dilemmas: "I found this course interesting and informative."
C.R., RN, MI

How to Strengthen the Immune System: "I felt pretty informed & I hope to place some or most of the practical information into effect in my life."
E.M., RN, CA

Weight Management: "Great! Easy to understand. A quick read. A very useful learning tool!"

Pediatric Nursing: "This course really helped me refresh my skills and I learned a lot I had never learned before."

Medication Errors and How To Avoid Them: "The exam book was easy to read. I really loved taking this test."
B.D., RN, LA

Women's Health: "Very interesting. Very explanatory."
P.J., CA

Women's Health: "Good information."
S.R., RN, CA

Managing Difficult Patients: "I enjoyed it very much."

Medication Errors and How To Avoid Them: "I found this course very helpful."
J.D., RN, MI

Nature's Remedies: "Good information. I will reread this book."

Managing Difficult Patients: "Very interesting! I really enjoyed the studying."
V.S., RN, CA

Stress Management: "I liked the practical exercises throughout the book..This helped to reinforce the learning."
S.S., RN, CA

Chemical Dependency: "Written well. Easy to comprehend."

Sex Matters for Women: "Informative & comprehensive material."
M.J.H., RN, CA

Weight Management: "Good Class. Concise information."
I.N., RN, CA

Supervisory Skills: "I enjoyed the course. I took my time. Great review plus the added new material about supervision will be very helpful.
A.C., RN, NV

Assessment Made Incredibly Easy: "Thank you for making it easy to follow. I enjoyed studying at home at my own time! Thanks!"

Healthy Immune System: "Well written and comprehensive. I learned quite a bit."
B.S., RN, NV

Hypertension: "This course was useful. It will help me with patients and in taking care of myself as a nurse. Very easy to understand and enjoyable!"

Breastfeeding Made Simple: "This topic is very interesting. It will surely help me care for my breastfeeding patients at work."
T.E., RN, CA

Emergency Nursing: "Excellent work! Thanks!"

Breastfeeding Made Simple: "The Breastfeeding Made Simple book was an easy read and extremely informative. This is a book that I will pass on to my colleagues and my patients. The course objectives and questions were appropriate."
M.R.V., RN, CA

"Nancy is wonderful. She helped me out far beyond her duty."

Managing Difficult Patients: "This course was enjoyable, interesting and emotional in relating to many nursing experiences."
L.V., RN, CA

Critical Incidents: Ethical Issues in the Prevention and Treatment of Addiction: "I was expecting the text to be very boring but it was very interesting and I learned a great deal from it."
J.B., Counselor, MH

Critical Incidents: Ethical Issues in the Prevention and Treatment of Addiction: "Very good book! Personally helpful."

Managing Pain Before It Manages You: "Very good information. I will continue to use it in my practice."
D.I., Counselor, KS

Traffic Violator Home Study Course: "Great self-pace course for full-time employees.
C.J.B., Los Angeles, CA

Healthy Immune System: "Great course! It has a lot of useful new information."

"Thank you for your promptness."
N.J., RN, CA

Aids Update: "Quite informative."
L.H., RN, CA

HIV/AIDS: "I learned a lot and the information is very essential."
C.C., RN, CA

Gerontological Nursing: "Excellent book! Good test questions - you had to know the material to answer."
M.J.A., RN, CA

Bioterrorism: "This bioterrorism text is very complete & perfect. Very beneficial, interesting, encouraging & educational. I am very inspired to take this course for my 30 hour CEU later."

Taking Charge of ADHD: "I love your courses & your tests are to the point! Works for my busy schedule."

Ethical Decision Making in Social Work: "Excellent book! The subject matter was very informative."

Emergency Nursing: "Very concise & comprehensive."
R.J.C., RN, CA

Anger Management: "Excellent reading & very practical information to use. Good information regarding forgiveness."

Counseling The Aging And Their Families: "Excellent Course!"

Internet For The Health Professional: "This course was very useful. I am a beginner learning how to use a computer."
F.O., RN, CA

The Anxiety And Phobia Workbook: "Very helpful as a resource since an extended family member is presently experiencing panic attacks and agoraphobia, and this will help to clarify the situation."
J.D.R., RN, CA

Asthma: "Well done! Up to date information. Now I have a great reference book!"
J.L.M., RN, CA

Maternal-Newborn Nursing: "Very informative."
M.G., RN, CA

Nurse's Legal Handbook: "Great course and very informative."
R.S., RN, NV

Nursing Procedures: "I am living overseas in Kazakhstan. This course worked great with my schedule."
C.L.C., RN, CA

Stress Management: "This course was helpful in understanding stress and how to cope with it."
D.G., RN, CA

Weight Management: "Very interesting since I've decided to make exercising and weight loss my goal this year and hopefully always."

Nursing Drug Handbook: "I found the outline form very effective in learning about the various drugs."
J.D., RN, CA

Medication Errors And How To Avoid Them: "This course was very informative and well taken in."

Legal And Ethical Dilemmas: "Excellent class! A great way to meet the 'Ethics' requirement."

Rebuilding: "Thanks for making CE easy & helpful."
L.L.J., Counselor, GA

Domestic Violence: "Excellent straight forward course. The best domestic violence course I've taken."

Cultural Competence: "Overall an excellent course."

Making Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Work: "Excellent text! Very helpful!"

Short-Term Couple Therapy: "Very good! A lot of useful information!"
T.L.M., LPC, AL & FL

Medical Errors: "One of the better medical error courses I've taken."
E.M., SW, FL

Drug Addiction Counseling: "Excellent course! Highly recommended."
O.I., RN, CA

Clinical Supervision: "Material was presented in a manner that was conductive to learning. The text was well written and I will be able to apply the material in a practical manner."
X.R., Counselor, OH

Women's Health: "I enjoyed this book & it's contents. I thank you all for the hard work behind it. Thanks again!"
S.P., RN, CA

Substance Abuse: "Great insight! "Very educational & would recommend to anyone not just nursing personnel."

Taking Charge of ADHD: "Well written & easy to understand. The test questions follow along with the course content. I gained much knowledge on ADHD."
V.W., RN, CA

Women's Health: "I have learned a lot of tips to keep me healthy and to prevent different types of infections."
D.A., RN, CA

Pain Management: "I found material that was not covered in school. I learned a lot."
D.M., RN, CA

Substance Abuse: "Thank you for assisting me with the on line process. Excellent service!"
L.O., RN, CA

Ethical Decision Making in Social Work: "Difficult subject to tackle in a book, however, I was very impressed with this self-study book. The case examples were very real."

Domestic Violence: "Very informative!"

Women's Health: "I loved the format! The chapters identify the topic clearly. A great reference book to keep."
E.P., Counselor, NC

Anger Management: "The text was excellent. I have anger management groups at the center where I work and the information from this course has been very helpful. Thank you!"

Counseling for Eating Disorders: "I enjoyed this book. It will be a great book for future reference. The learning format is very convenient and you can't beat your prices."
J.C., Counselor, FL

Diet, Nutrition, Exercise and Health: "Very interesting course! Thanks so much!"
S.R., RN, CA

Master Your Panic: "I enjoyed this book! It was easy to read with helpful material."

HIV/AIDS: "The material was user friendly and allowed me time to take the exam at ease."

The Ethics of Professional Practice: "I can't say I was looking forward to a book on 'ethics' but I was pleasantly surprised. Information was concise, laid out well and maintained my interest."

Master Your Panic: "This coursework sharpened my understanding of panic attacks. This topic generated a lot of discussion among the female faculty in the lunchroom. Varying degrees of this condition are a lot more prevalent than I would have suspected!"

Suicide Across the Life Span- Implications for Counselors: "All of the courses have been excellent!"

Reconcilable Differences: "This was by far the most informative home study course material that I have read!"

Making Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Work: "Excellent course! Very specific for even the experienced clinician."

Assertiveness: "I loved this book! I will be recommending it to both clients & other counselors."

Assertiveness: "Excellent book! I intend to use it frequently."
B.E.H., RN, CA

Breastfeeding Made Simple: "This course offers up to date information. Easy to read, easy to understand. Well organized."
S.N., RN, CA

Counseling for Eating Disorders: "The patient examples were helpful."

Gerontological Nursing: "I liked the book and the material presented very much. It was informative and readable."
P.B., RN, CA

Healthy Immune System: "Excellent material! Well written."
D.D., RN, MI

Team Building: "A very good course! It will be very useful in my position to help improve the team-work in our facility."

Team Building: "Excellent learning tool."

Substance Abuse: "Very good course!"

Women's Health:"Excellent! Covered a wide range of topics. I will use the manual as a reference book."
J.C., RN, DE

"I love your online courses and how easy they are to take. Thank you."
J.S.A., RN, CA

Xerostomia: "The course on Xerostomia was very informative and helpful. It would be extremely helpful in patient care and education of this condition."

The Therapist's Guide To Psychopharmacology: "Excellent course! I would highly recommend."
K.G., Counselor, FL

Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy: "Home-Study is an excellent option. I will be using Homestead Schools again and I will recommend you to colleagues."

Skin and Wound Care: "Very good!"

Child Abuse: "Very informative. It will be a big help in my area of nursing."
C.S., RN, CA

Codependency: "Thank you for providing me with the info and material I needed. I appreciated the affordability and convenience."
S.H., Counselor, CA

Handbook of Psychiatric Emergencies: "I really liked this course. Easy to read and understand."
S.G., Counselor, CA

Sex Matters for Women: "This book was well written, easy to read and comprehend. The examples in the book were helpful and added to the understanding of the topic."
L.G., SW, WI

Psychiatric And Mental Health Care: "Well written material, a little difficult to absorb so much information, but VERY interesting!"

Reconcilable Differences: "Very good book! I learned some new things even after 25+ years as a therapist."

Asthma: "Thank you! Very well done and informative. Wonderful worksheets to help teach patients."
L.R., RN, CA

Infection Control: "The course was very informative and concise. I would take another on-line course. This is very convenient for me!"

Christy, Thank you so much for processing my home study packet. I received the results in Monday's mail. You did a great job & I truly appreciate it. Have coffee on me! Thanks again, C.L.
p.s. Show this to your supervisor :)

Nature's Remedies: "This was wonderful! Where can I get more books as gifts?"
N.C., RN, CA

Nature's Remedies: "I really enjoyed "Natures Remedies." I'll be very pleased when conventional medicine and alternative therapies integrate."
P.L., RN, CA

How to Strengthen the Immune System: "Enjoyed learning the information."

Stress Management: "I took my time with the exercises. I will use them with my clients as well as with myself."
V.D., RN, CA

Domestic Violence: "Your methods of presentation are easy to follow."

Immunity, Infectious Diseases and Pandemics - What You Can Do: "I really enjoyed it...learned a lot!"
D.M., RN, CA

Anxiety: "This was the best course I have done. It was easy to follow & practical."
J.M., RN, CA

Women's Health: "Enjoyed this book very much. Can always use for future reference."

Women's Health: "Very informative. Great course presentation format."
M.P., RN, CA

Halitosis: "Excellent course! One of my favorites!"

Traffic Violator Home Study Course: "I appreciate all information in helping me complete my exam. Everyone was very informative and professional."
S.K., CA

Ethics in Plain English: "A positive experience. I referred two of my coworkers to you."
D.L.K., SW, MI

Sex Matters for Women: "Your courses are always interesting & informative."

Making Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Work: "This is an excellent book."

Natural Healing: "Fascinating information presented in a very 'learnable' manner. My whole family got intrigued and involved."
W.F., RN, NM

Stress Management: "Very informative and practical knowledge."

Ethical Decision Making in Social Work: "Very helpful. You can never know enough about ethics."

Bioterrorism: "Really informative and makes you realize what state the world is in."

Anger Management: "Very informative course."
M.W., SW, PA

Legal And Ethical Dilemmas: "I really enjoyed this course. It was very informative as a nurse as well as a family member. I am going to have my spouse, children, siblings and my Dad read it as well.
C.C., PN, OH

Drug Addiction Counseling: "I enjoyed this class!"

Domestic Violence: "Good learning experience."

Anger Management: "Very informative."
F.A., RN, CA

Anger Management: "Very practical, informative & thorough book."

Anxiety and Depression: "Test was a little tricky! The information in the textbook was very helpful. The book will continue to be used as a resource manual."

Anxiety: "One of the best! The book was excellent, well written & comprehensive."
D.S.H., RN, CA

Are there other subject areas that would interest you?

"Public health, because now we are embroiled in an epidemic of swine flu. Very scary for parents and schools."
D.A., RN, CA

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